Welcome to Zanata

Zanata is a web-based translation platform for Translators to translate documentation and software online using a web browser.

**Maintenance-only Zanata Instance**

This service is in maintenance mode and new projects are not accepted, sorry.

Since the upstream Zanata project has been unmaintained for quite some 
time, we have decided to continue supporting existing projects as much 
as possible but refuse new projects. Adding new language coordinators is 
also not possible, although if you've been around for some time we might 
add you as reviewer to ease the situation.

OpenID login has been disabled on translate.zanata.org

As part of the Zanata 4.4 upgrade, support for OpenID login on translate.zanata.org has been deprecated

Our recent analysis has shown that some OpenID providers return HTTP-based OpenID identities, even when the login is initiated via HTTPS. This introduces an element of risk to OpenID authentication and also forces the use of looser firewall rules. For the security of the service, we have decided to discontinue OpenID support. Local username/password authentication is still supported.

Your username, profile and contributions will not be affected. To switch to local authentication from your existing OpenID login, please use Forgot your password? on the login screen to reset the password. A password reset mail will be sent to the email address you registered.

The command line client and Zanata Jenkins plugin will continue to work without modification.

Should you have any questions, please post to our mailing list: zanata-users@redhat.com.

Signing Up

You can create an account with Zanata by fill the sign up form. You will receive an account activation email after you submit the sign up form. You account will be activated once you complete the account activation. See Signing Up for detailed instructions.

We recommend you to join our mailing list, from which you can ask questions, and be informed of system outages, package releases and other announcements.


To start translating, you can either join a language team, or ask project maintainers to add you to their projects.

You can browse or search the projects you want to contribute by using Explore on the left panel.

You can also find useful information at Translator Guide.

Developers and Writers

With Zanata you can open your project for translation without opening up the project's version control. Zanata currently supports translation of software and documentation projects that provide GNU Gettext format Portable Object (PO) files, Java Properties files, and a range of other formats. Project files can be pushed and pulled from the server using a command-line client or a Maven plugin.

For detailed information on how to manage your projects on Zanata, please start with Project Maintainer Guide.

Know More

You can find out more about the open source Zanata project (mailing lists, bug reports, source code) at http://zanata.org/.

Development and Support

If you are interested in running your own Zanata server instance, or contributing to the further development of the Zanata platform, please check out the source repository at: https://github.com/zanata/zanata-platform.

For questions regarding outages or support for this server please contact the Red Hat OSPO Comminfra Team https://www.osci.io

This server is managed in an Open Infrastructure using Ansible. You can find and contribute to the Ansible playbook. Along with the jbosseap7 and zanata roles (and a few others), is is used to deploy and maintain this service.